Hi Adin
Hi Mrs.rayle did you have good start of fourth grade?

Reading Response

Harry Potter

Harry is nervous about his hearing.He asks Sirius for some
advice.He suggested keep calm.Harry was still nervous so
he asked Ron's mom for advice.But she was still mad for letting harry know
the truth.
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The Mysterious Benedict Society
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Reynie was nervous about the tests.He was thinking about if he
should have took rhonda up on her offer.When he got into the room
he was surprised at how many people were there.He got a seat in the
front row so Rhonda couldn't make him cheat with her.He asked the pencil lady
if he could sharpen his pencil.When the test started he didn't get any of the
questions.So he decided to skip those questions and go to the other ones.

Peter And The Shadow Thieves
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Tink got captured by a pet store owner.The pet store owner took Tink
to a collector of rare animals.The pet store owner wanted 5 thousand
pounds.Peter went to jail.

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Happenstance met Umber, Sophie and Oates. Happenstance didn't know where he was.
They told him he was in alzumar.Everyone happenstance met was staring at his eyes
because they were green. Umber wanted to see this giant monster in alzumar.But everyone else
wanted to leave.When they were leaveing the monster cut them off from the exit.

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Happenstance and Umber went to ask the guest if she had any
information about hap.She looked like a dead person.She said she wold
only tell hap.So Umber had to get out of the room.She wanted to get hap to steal
her jewels from Umber so she could get out in exchange for she would tell hap about his people.

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Hap went to get Umber back from Occo.When Hap got there Occo
took the bag off his head.Occo told Hap to put Hap's medicine for Umber
in the storm.Thimble defeated Occo.

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Q: What might have happend if georgie did all the work.
A: Jeanie would tell there teacher.
Q:What caused jeanie to not let georgie do the rest of the work.

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Patience was surprised when her aunt Anne
and Fanny Starbuck showed up.Patience ran
to aunt Anne she was so happy to see her.Patience
was mad that Fanny came to.

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Theo was mad his mom didn't show him the
letters from his dad.He was also mad his mom didn't give him the
letters to him and Janet.

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I infer Solomon will run into Prudence on his
adventure to find his silver spoon.I infered this because
Prudence is an adventure kid of girl.
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I infer Constance will find prudence and solomon
the weirdest way.

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I infer that kate is going to get caught by
one of the ten men.


Ban Silly Bands

This is an essay of why should schools ban silly bandz. There are some really good reasons

that they should be banned. They can do some crazy stuff to you. Here are some of the crazy stuff.

They can be distractions, in lots of ways too. Sometimes,kids trade them in class.

And, they show them off in class. Also, some people take them off and look at them.

Then other people get distracted and look at other peoples silly bands. Also, if you

have too may on your wrist, it will be hard to write.

Sometimes it can hurt others feelings. Because if somebody trades a special silly band,

and they want it back later. Because of that, sometimes they fling silly bandz at each other.

They can also cut your blood circulation. Then you'll get hurt. I also see kids have

silly neckleceses and if you have to much on, it can choke you.

Also, they are bad for the enviroment. They don't break down sadly, (*sniff*).

They keep breaking so people have to throw them away, and that isn't good for the

enviroment, right? And when you are done with them, there is no other use for them.

and that wastes money, and money is paper, and paper is from trees.


You Come To
I'm going out to the zoo.
I went to see some bears.
But i want to sneak a peek at some water buffalo.
I will be long you come to.

In the morning

In the morning
crazy squirrel
rabid dog in my neighbor's yard
yell at it
Starts chasing me
Get inside the house
Barking Loudly

Science glossary


imaginary line that divides the earth into hemisphere Prime meridian

imaginary line that divides the earth into w. and E. himispheres


imaginary lines called meridians that divide the globe between norht and south


imaginary lines that divide4 the earth into east and west around the globe into parallels


shows relationship of distances on map and earth

global grid

formed by crisscrossing lines of lattitude and longitude on a map

map key

explanation of symbols on a map.

Have you heard about the water cycle?

Social Studies





To,too,their,there,impossible,regret and surprise
Spelling For 3/17/11

Spelling for 5/7


Fun Stuff

My book reveiw for James and the Giant Peach.James and Giant the
Peach is about a boy named james.James is an orphan.He lives
with his two aunts.Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge.When James
goes behind a bush he finds this little man the man gives James
some little seedtype things and when james dropped them.One of the peachs
on the peach tree grew.I give this book 5 stars.

My Favorite Baseball Team

Go Phillies
Go Phillies