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My silly bands essay

I think that silly bands should be banned from school, because they can cut your circulation.
They also can make people sad, because if you trade with someone you might make the wrong trade.
Here is another way silly bands can make you sad: people can steal them.
They can also distract people during school.
You can get adicted.

cloudy with a chance of sweet potato

Ouch! A crispy and very oily piece of bacon hit me in the face.
Then, a huge syrupy pancake fell from the sky.
So I started to eat it.
Next, a fruity French toast earth quake happened.
For lunch it rained mac & cheese so I opened my mouth to catch some.
After that there was an awful apple sauce tornado so I ran for my life!
Then a peanut butter jelly volcano erupted in the town of Sweet Potato.
For dinner it hailed meaty pasta.
Then a pizza avalanche occurred.
For dessert there was a chocolate tidal wave.

It was a dark and very chilly Monday night. Chuckey Voorhees got a call from the museum. The museum owner said that someone stole a gem. He was wearing a black suit, black top hat and is abut 5 ft” 3 in”.
So Chuckey went to investigate. He sighted a hammer in the corner so he checked the finger prints. He found some but still had to find more information abut the person. It turned out that it was his friend
He had bin tricked. Then he went to his house. He found it in a glass cage. So he went to get it. The alarm went off. He ignored it and returned it to the museum.