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Alexander Ovechkin is my favorite hocky player.

Science Glossary
Equator imaginary line that divides the earth into hemisphere

prime meridian imaginary line that divides the earth into w. and E. himispheres

Longitude imaginary lines called meridians that divide the globe between norht and south

lattitude imaginary lines that divide4 the earth into east and west around the globe into parallels

scale shows relationship of distances on map and earth

global grid formed by crisscrossing lines of lattitude and longitude on a map
The weird thanksgiving

By: Alexei

On the day before thanksgiving it was corded at the barn yard.
People were looking for turkey. Gobbles and his family hid in
the barn because they knew that people would come around
this time of year. Chucky came to the barn to get a turkey. He
found a turkey that was grate size for his family party. So later
on he went to the party at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving other
people brought apple pie and pumpkin pie… they had a grate feast

spelling words

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these are one of my favorite cars.

map key explanation of symbols on a map.
Have you heard about the water cycle?
The land is falling apart. We think the land is falling apart because the sand is actually
tiny rocks stuck together and so when the water touches it, the tiny rocks spread apart.
Since the soil is mixed in with the sand, we think the soil is sticking together.
The water was absorbed into the soil,making it mushy like mud.
Yes we saw erousion.The water pushed on the land causing it to seperate.

reading summarys 0001.gif

They were talking abut the seret mesege. they went back to Mr. Benedects offece. the lights went out. The bell rang they went to met millagan.
external image the-mysterious-benedict-society.jpg

Rainy went to mr. Benedect to give him a present. Then Rainy went to the others. Then Constance came with jackson on her tail. When he got ther he saw the spyglass
and Kate grabbed it so jackson could not get it. Jackson said let me see that or elss. So kate gave it to him. He looked through it and said it was colida scoop.


How did Mr. Benedct get there?

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summary Gollywhoper Games

An egector pad lounched them through the roof. They met Carol. She told them the rules. There are camaras and micropones but there off.

summary Gollywhoper Games

Gil was waching them though camaras hoked up to tv's.

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summary Thingt about Georgie

Georgie can't do alot of things.
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Inferring character traits from a character's action bfg
sophie is frightend becase she thought the bfg was going to eat her.

Inferring character traits from a character's action bfg
The bfg is friendly becase he is not eating sophie.

Tanya's reunion

Q. Aunt Kay gathers special family items to display at the reunion?

A. Several quilts, a few toys, gardening tools, a baby cradels, a few pot and pans thies bring back memories from when they where where little kids.

Q. Why is Tanya excited to find the pice of fence with her initials?

A. Becase she found out that it was history from her grand pearents.

Q. If you had a reunion like Tanya's what would you wa

Book reveiw James and the peach
external image 51D1-tO7NDL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_.jpg


the first thing that happend was that his pearnts were eaten up by a rinosores.
so he had to live with his mean anuts.


Baseball game

I'm going out to
my baseball game
I won't be gone long
just to Pembrook
park and back
you can come too.

My street

On my street
you can hear
old cars go by
you can hear
little kids playing
on the street.

I am the child of green and white

I am the child of green and white in
the stadium where the Spartans fight.

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this is my favorite game system
My Michigan animal is lynx
external image 800px-Lynx_kitten.jpg

inclined planes
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external image ramp.gif

What is an Ecosystem?
Within all species, individuals interact with each other - feeding together, mating together, and living together. Some species have a pecking order as well, and each individual has a role to play within it.
However, it is not only individuals within a species that interact. Different species of animals interact with each other all the time. For instance, animals eat other animals through their interactions in a food web. But plants are included in this web as well as they, too, are eaten by animals.
What would happen if the weather were really cold all the time? Well, not all species of animals, plants and bacte ria would be able to survive. What differences are there between species who live in the Rocky Mountains and those who inhabit the Sahara desert? Landscape also determines where plants and animals might live. But what, exactly, is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is a geographical area of a variable size where plants, animals, the landscape and the climate all interact together.

The whole earth's surface can be described by a series of interconnected ecosystems. All living beings form and are part of ecosystems. They are diverse and always changing. Within an ecosystem, all aspects of the environment (both living things and their non-living settings) interact and affect one another. Every species affects the lives of those around them.
A small ecosystem in the boreal forest might look something like this: in the summertime, trees in forests (that produce oxygen used by living things through photosynthesis) lower the temperature in the forest for communities in the hot summer months. In turn, some members of the communities will probably feed upon the tree to gain nourishment, thus affecting or stunting the tree's growth.
Different areas in the world house different ecosystems. For example, you won't find an elephant or a tropical rainforest in Alberta! The different world ecological units are called biomes and they each have different flora, fauna, landscapes and weather patterns. An ecosystem is not the same thing as a biome. A biome is a large unit that is home to many different ecosystems. Within Alberta, there are six different biomes that each have their own specific flora and fauna distribution. These regions are: Grassland, Parkland, Boreal Forest, Foothill, Rocky Mountain and the CanadianShield, all indicated on the map of Alberta's Regions.
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