Group of People:

Parker, Lily, And Maguire.

Settlement Experience:

  • Create a simple sketch to represent this group's settlement experience. Post your sketch below...
img016.jpgThis picture is a sketch of the Asian Americans building a train track. By: Maguire

  • Write or record a sentence to describe this group's settlement experience. Post your description below...
In 1848 a worker discoverd gold in California. News of this discovery atracceted Chinnese imagrants to the United States. Not many americans were happy that the chinese came looking for gold. But many americans were happy with how hard they worked. Americans in the late 1800's wanted railroads in the united states. They also wanted to build new farms and factories. They needed maore workers so they went across the world to find more asians to work. Between 1850 and 1882 many asians came to work. Some chinese were going to save their money and later return to china but some were staying in america for good. They wanted to find fourtune. But instead of finding fortune most of the asian americians found hard lifes they worked long hours for little pay. Still most of the asian americans stayed. They were the first asian americans!

  • What did this group contribute to the settlement of America?
Food: Sushi, Stir Fried dishes, Chow mein, Ramen, Curry, Tofu, Pot stickers.
Words: Jungle, Shampoo, Bamboo,Samurai, Tatoo.
Cool stuff: Rice cookers,Hot tubs , Chopsticks, Surfboards.
Other Gifts: Oragomi, Jappaneese Gardens, Yoga , Martial arts. By:Lily

This Land Is Your Land

"This land is your land, this land is my land,
from California to the New York Island,
from the Redwood forest, to the Gulf Stream waters,
this land was made for you and me."

"We came from Asia to find some gold and we
brought with us yoga and hot tubs we
also brought here surfboards and
martial arts, This land was made for you and me."

Write four new verses for the song "This Land is Your Land".
Your verses must be about four the groups studied in this lesson, and should contain
information about where each group came from and the contributions each group has made to the
American society.
  • Native Americans
  • Latinos
  • European Americans
  • African Americans
  • Asian Americans
When you are done, use Audacity to record your group singing your song (remember to include the first verse, posted above!).
Post your audacity recording below


What connections did you notice between your group of people and another group?

European and asian americans both came for work as one of the reasons.

Both the asian americans and the latinos came looking for somthing.


What do you wonder about your group's settlement experience? If given the chance, what questions would you ask them?
  1. why did they build the railroad?
  2. .why couldint they not be citizens?
3. why didint they all return to china?