You and your team will be researching one tribe from the Three Fires or another of Michigan's Native American tribes. When you are finished collecting important information about them, you will design and create a project to share with the rest of the class.=

Your project must include the following:

1. Your tribe's name and location

2. Your tribe's beliefs (tribe structure; roles of men, women, and children; legends or fables(stories that teach))

3. How your tribe adapted to the environment in Michigan (food, shelter, clothing, trade or skill)

4. How your tribe interacted with other tribes and with the European settlers.

You may choose to present using any one or combination of the tools below:

a. power point

b. wiki page

c. audacity file

d. photo story

e. video

f. inspiration

g. artwork + digital tool

All of your presentations will be put on a team wiki page

You should use your Michigan! textbook PLUS the following websites to do your research:

Native Americans in Old Times

Native American Stories (Power Point Presentations)

Woodlands People Webquest

Birchbark Canoe Activity

Photo Gallery A

Photo Gallery B

Just For Fun!

Map of Native American villages

Three Fires PowWow photos

Anishinaabek- History, Culture, Language, Games

Song of a Bear

Little River Band of Ottowa Indians powwow video

Three Fires video

Three Fires: The Seven Grandfathers

Grand Traverse Band of Ottowa and Chippewa Indians

Potowatomi facts

Ojibwa (Chippewa) facts

Ottawa Facts

Potawatomi Virtual Museum

Three Fires-Absolute Michigan

People of the Three Fires

Three Fires

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