1] Students will be researching french explorers that came to Michigan on their travels. Each group will select one explorer to research. They will create a wiki page to record all of their information. This wiki page may include pictures and facts, etc. about the explorer. Other students working on a different explorer can put a link to any french explorer wiki page to show similarities/differences that they find or interesting facts that link the two explorers.

  • Jean Nicolet
  • Samuel De Champlain
  • Jacque Cartier
  • Louis Jolliet
  • Antoine de la Cadillac
  • Pere Jacques Marquette
  • Etienne Brule
  • Robert La Salle

Here is the Power Point for student research:
external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png
external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png
Different Worlds Meet Chapter 3 Unit2 .ppt

Students' French Explorers Wiki Pages:

l. Jean Nicolet

2. Samuel De Champlain

3. Jacque Cartier

4. Louis Jolliet

5. Antoine de la Cadillac

6. Pere Jacques Marquette

7. Etienne Brule

8. Robert La Salle

Trading Cards Assessment:external image msword.png tradingcardrubric.doc