hi Chris
Cass is not the kind of person who accapts a bribe and then pretends he
doesn"t know what the bribe means. Cass renoynces the chocolate stays healthy
and trim.

I wonder if is goargie is still doing the dog waiking with Andyor is Andy doing it with Russ?

Why doesn't Goargie want to be presedent for his

3q. In the book big hig sister got stuck in a tree in there back yard.And she was to afraid
to get out because the dog scared her.

aunt key gathered special family items to display at the reunion.

several quilts,crocheted tablecloth,napkins,baptismal gown
and a baby blanket

4q.if your family had a reunion like tanya what object would you want to share

baby toys when I was a baby

5q. why is tanya excided to find the piece of the fence with her grand mother initials.

once seperated the farmyard from the orchard.

I infer that mirette is going to go on the tite rop and going to foll off. Robert_Probert_old.jpg

I infer that the beets are going to grow.


go detroit red wings best goalie

meridian imaginary line that divides the earth into w. and E. himispheres

Longitude imaginary lines called meridians that divide the globe between norht and south

lattitude imaginary lines that divide4 the earth into east and west around the globe into parallels

scale shows relationship of distances on map and earth

global grid formed by crisscrossing lines of lattitude and longitude on a map



I think we should ban silly bands because...
they are a distraction to your work.Also its distraction to other people when you
trade when they are working on something.
Another reason is because it could cut your circulation off.
When your circulation gets cut off,your head starts to hurt and your arm is numb and all the blood stops flowing.
And also you feel dizzy . Also there are silly rings and silly necklaces too. The silly necklaces could choke you.
And silly rings stop your blood flowing from your finger.So thats why we should ban silly bands.

Franny made this pochine and drank it .Then she looked in the mirar and so
if anything happened .then she went bown stairs. And her mom takes a look at her.
then frannys mom drops her toast on the growd. Then her dad spills his cffee on the growd too.

And her drother eyes aimast feel out of his eye sokets.then Franny goes to school and makes friends.

mistory story

But we both Something was wrong! But I didn’t now what it was.
Was I missing something was it my shoes or my hockey net what about my trophy’s. I went downstairs and then I finally figured it out. I was my special mini stick! I started to look for it. I looked in
My bed &in the box I keep all my toys in too. But I
Still couldn’t find it. It’s like somebody through it out. I scrambled all around for it but it didn’t appear. I looked under my pillow and I told my brother if he new were it is. But he didn’t now
I looked every were but I still didn’t find it. I couldn’t take it any more so I called my friend Dave burger to see if he could help me. When I was done talking on the phone the door bell rang. It was Dave wants Dave got in we got to work. Want we were done we
We meat up and told each other what we found.
found nothing. It was getting late so
Dave went home. But when he went out the door
He feet like he was my dad he had same color hair
Same skin color peach .I went in my room to go to bed but when I got in my room I sow someone out my window. Thin I got under my bed to not be seen
From out of my window .I hared my window start
Open. I went all the way to the back of my bed so he could see me. When I hit the back there was something under me. I rolled over to see what it is
I was so happy to find it but I still had to get the guy
Out of my room .So I took my mini stick and hit him right in the foot .wants he hit the growed I out from under my bed and ran out the door. He looked just like Dave but I could really tell how he looks because he had a face mask on. And that was the
Time I all most last my mini stick


spelling- their there too to surprise regret impossible


there was a boy named james. This two ladies planted a peach tree.they told james that he couldn't get any peaches . because the two ladies didn't let him. when the two ladies came back. the peach started to grow untill it became a giant peach.

Dragon dragon in the bright i always like sand best wolf wolf in the night I am a child of michican state
firey breath in the night on the beach you get small and drown croling the green and white colors
flying in the breeze to play around and also around in the night. making a tuck down
burning down trees lay down then go to sleep. hinding in the day to win the game
causing disarray for them to win the game